Terms of Use

Regulations on the provision and exchange of information on ecoinomic.io

General terms

1. Acceptance of conditions of use

By accessing and using the ecoinomic.io service, you expressly accept, abide by, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use set forth below. If you do not agree, please stop accessing or using ecoinomic.io services. Ecoinomic.io reserves the right to change and modify these terms at any time and will notify the changes and updated versions on this Terms of Use page. Therefore, your continued use of the services on the website constitutes acceptance of the revised rules and agreements. Please visit and check the terms of use regularly for the latest revisions.

2. The nature of the information displayed

The content on the website is intended to provide information about the blockchain technology sector and the cryptocurrency market. In addition, Ecoinomic.io can provide more information about domestic and international social life, culture, and entertainment to readers.

Service Description

Ecoinomic.io provides users with access to resources on the ecoinomic.io website, using the services ecoinomic.io provide, including information in the form of images, text, audio or clip illustrations, databases, management announcements or messages, and other services. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the subject matter of the Regulations includes updates or upgrades, new features or attributes of the Services, or new services provided by ecoinomic.io. The services on this website are available for change without notice or confirmation and do not guarantee that the service will be suitable for the purpose and satisfy the user’s requirements. Ecoinomic.io also does not warrant that the functions of the Service will be provided continuously, without technical errors or viruses, errors (if any) will be corrected in a timely manner. Under no circumstances shall ecoinomic.io be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from the User’s use of the Service, negligence, or other erroneous actions related to the User’s use of the Service.

Service and Responsibilities of ecoinomic.io

ecoinomic.io services are those that provide electronic information that aggregates and integrates with social networks. You agree that ecoinomic.io have the right, and without prior notice, to regulate the Services. You also agree that ecoinomic.io have the right to modify or delete the information that you comment on the website to ensure that the information posted is in accordance with the regulations of the website.

Your responsibilities

You agree that you will not use the service for illegal purposes, prohibited by law (hereinafter referred to as the Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam) or violate the legal rights, obstruct or restrict the use of the service of other users. You must not vandalize and damage ecoinomic.io’s services and website. You must not distribute files containing viruses or software programs that harm the service and affect the stable use of other users.

Links to other websites

Some of the information on this website may be provided by third parties and links on this website may lead to other websites. These linked websites are not owned by ecoinomic.io, so ecoinomic.io will not be responsible for all information, services and content of these Websites.

Age restrictions

Ecoinomic.io allows everyone to access and use the information on the website. However, only those who are 18 years old and capable of taking responsibility for their behavior can comment and post information on the website.


You understand and agree that the use of the services at ecoinomic.io is your right and obligation, morally and legally. * Prohibited acts:

  • Taking advantage of the Internet aims to:
  1. Propagandizing wars of aggression; against the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; undermining the great unity of the whole people; harm national security, social order and safety; causing hatred and conflict between peoples, ethnicities and religions; undermining the fine customs and customs of the nation; propagating, inciting violence, crimes, social evils, superstitions, lewdness, depravity.
  2. Disclosure of state, security, military, economic, foreign affairs and other secrets already provided for by law.
  3. Spreading slanderous, distorted or offensive information about the organization’s reputation; honor and dignity of citizens.
  4. Advertising, buying and selling goods and services on the list of prohibited in accordance with the provisions of law.
  5. Disseminate works of journalism, literature, art, publications and publications that violate the provisions of law.
  6. Provide information that violates regulations on e-commerce transactions, intellectual property and other relevant laws.
  • Destroying equipment systems and illegally obstructing the management, use and provision of electronic services and information on the Internet
  • Unauthorized use, theft of passwords, cryptographic keys and private information of organizations and individuals on the Internet.
  • Installing harmful software and computer virus programs to commit one of the violations in Article 71 of the Law on Information Technology.

Forms of handling violations:

By accessing Ecoinomic.io website, you agree that Ecoinomic.io have the right to investigate any breach of these terms, unilaterally determine whether you have breached these terms, and take actions in accordance with relevant regulations without your prior consent or notice. If any violations are detected, ecoinomic.io will send a warning letter for the first time and immediately take down the infringing content without prior notice. Ecoinomic.io will send a second warning letter and lock your account permanently if you continue to violate. Listed violations include, but are not limited to, the following: spam ad content; violations of posting information in the content of articles and comments; insulting the ecoinomic.io website administration and other members. Depending on the nature and seriousness of your violation, ecoinomic.io will handle the violation yourself or coordinate with state management agencies to handle it.

Products and services of other entities

Ecoinomic.io will not be liable for any damage caused by products or services registered or advertised on the website, directly or indirectly.