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In the process of participating in investing in the cryptocurrency market, it is very important to read and update market information. In addition to following market movements, following crypto influencers can help you gain insight into the field - a complex and ever-changing financial sector. Besides, crypto influencers are also a great source for you to stay up to date with relevant market trends. However, it must be clearly understood that their advice and views are only really relevant if it is related to your personal financial needs.

How to become a crypto influencer?

A crypto influencer must know how technology works and stay up to date with all news related to crypto. To become an influencer, you need to be knowledgeable and knowledgeable about cryptocurrency investing. Besides, you also need a social media platform (Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook ...) where you can provide detailed information and your opinion about a phenomenon in the market.

Is it legal to share financial advice on social media?

Crypto influencers make predictions and share their thoughts on what's happening in the space. In essence, it is not illegal if there are no actions to attract investment for the purpose of fraud and profiteering. However, when reading anyone's point of view, you also need to take a close look at their profile. And it's important to remember that the crypto space is so volatile, it's almost impossible to predict exactly what will happen next. You can share your opinion about cryptocurrencies on social platforms. However, if you are promoting the product as an affiliate, you are required to make your partnership with that sponsor public to users to avoid potential problems involved.

What is CEE (Certified Cryptocurrency Expert™)?

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert™ (CCE) is an advanced certification and professional rendering training in cryptocurrencies and digital assets. At present, cryptocurrencies are widely used and mined by global investors. The CEE certificate certifies that an individual has knowledge of blockchain, and distributed ledger technology and provides neutral opinions and judgments with product suppliers.

What does provide?

In this category, provides articles based on opinions and analysis from experts on the price movement of a crypto-asset, prediction of market trends, and analysis around a recent event in the crypto space. Besides, in addition to the category of Analysis & Option, also provides the following information:
  • Latest market news at News
  • Instructions for registering and using the trading platforms in the Guide section
  • Technical analysis knowledge in the section Technical Analysis
  • List of terms in the Term section
  • Information about new projects in the section Airdrop
Note: We do not provide any investment advice, and we are not responsible for the risk encountered by the reader.
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