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From putting Bitcoin on the balance sheet to setting up stores in the Metaverse, more and more businesses and institutions are entering the crypto space.

The idea of traditional financial institutions investing in Bitcoin is unthinkable. However, in the past few years, many traditional financial institutions have made it a reality. Many consider that the explosion of apparel entry into the crypto space by brands is one of the factors contributing to the strong bull run in late 2020 and ending in late 2021.

Institutional interest in the cryptocurrency market has stimulated existing investors as cryptocurrencies offer them more returns than mere retail.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is the digital asset of choice for many institutional investors as well as businesses when entering the decentralized finance space, and the traded product is NFT. In particular, NFT and Metaverse are two intertwined areas that are invested by institutions instead of just passively investing in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

In the Business section in the News category, Ecoinomic.io provides information related to updating projects and investment cooperation. Reading the news, users not only have a more intuitive view of developments, and how businesses and projects operate in the cryptocurrency market, but also open up new investment opportunities.

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